Crazy Lady: Update

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I feel slightly bad about being so quick to judge the marathon mom, and have continued the conversation about her decision to run a marathon at 39 weeks pregnant with several people over the past week.   Here is what fellow runner, Sharon, told me:

“I read this story too and asked a few of my doctor friends-their consensus was that since she was well conditioned/trained to run marathons before becoming pregnant that it was completely safe for her during pregnancy and even at 38 weeks […] Basically since her body was in marathon condition, none of her vital signs would fluctuate to unhealthy levels so baby would not suffer any harm.”

Makes sense, although I still think it’s nuts and unnecessary to run a marathon at 38 weeks, even if not unhealthy.

I then stumbled across this article from an old issue of Self, Running While Pregnant.  Now this I can get behind.  Written during her 7th month, this woman toned down her 5-mile routine to a 3-miler during pregnancy, and admittedly paced herself at more of a “shuffle” than a “run”.  I “ran” till around my 6&1/2 month, and by that point it was more walking interspersed with jogging.  Since my body was already conditioned for running, my doctor gave me the OK to keep running, even at that point and despite outcries from well-meaning friends.  However, around that time it just felt right for me to start walking.  So I have concluded that it’s best just to listen to your body. Perhaps next pregnancy I’ll be able to keep running up a little longer.

Though I will never be fully convinced that a pregnant body feels A-OK while running 26.2 miles.  Call me stubborn.

On an unrelated note, why do all pictures of pregnant women exercising involve the women wearing too-small shirts?  I swear athletic companies make shirts that cover a pregnant belly.  I own several of them.  Let’s work on that, photogs.  Thanks.

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Cole Haan for Kids

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Friday at 5:00.  Husband at sea for 3 weeks.  Chronically sleep deprived and in a perpetual state of panic. What makes me feel better? Shoes, naturally. No, I didn’t go buy a new pair of shoes, although that doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now.  But while organizing the nursery, I rediscovered this adorable pair of pink Cole Haan baby loafers. How stinkin cute are these? These were a gift from my Aunt Jody and cousin Anne, who found them outlet shopping.  And they are honestly one of the favorite things I’ve received for Baby Loveless.  Because I’m impractical like that, and great shoes take precedence over almost anything. Happy Weekend to you all. Share...

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Bad Mommy

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Today I am 35 weeks along – eek!  I decided to inventory the nursery to figure out what I still need to purchase in order to be prepared should Baby arrive early. Armed with a checklist of “Baby Essentials”, I spread out all the newborn clothes, blankets and other assorted baby goods and began checking things off.  And then quickly stopped. Apparently, my daughter is going to be very well dressed, but as for bathed, diapered, fed… not so much. Layette: 4-8 Bodysuits or onesies – Check!  4-8?  Ha!  I have a dozen, at least.  I am so on top of things. 4-8 Undershirts – Check!  Oh wait, take that back.  The undershirts are for 6-9 months.  No 0-3 months undershirts.  Put that on the “To Buy” list. 4-8 One-piece pajamas – Um, how do I tell the difference between the regular onesies and the onesie pajamas? 2 Blanket Sleepers – What’s a blanket sleeper? Bunting Bag – What’s a bunting bag??? OK, the layette list wasn’t going so well.  Let’s move on to the Nursery list and revisit the layette later.   Nursery: Crib – Yes!  Hooray!  We have a crib! 1-3 washable crib mattress pads – Really?  I need 3 mattress pads? I have one, so that’s a start. 2-4 Crib sheets – OK, I have crib sheets.  So far not failing in nursery preparedness.  This is going better than the layette. 4-6 Soft, light receiving blankets – Uh, I have a lot of blankets.  What qualifies it as a “receiving” blanket? 1-2 Heavier blankets – See “receiving blankets” Rocking or Arm Chair – on back order. Music Box – Negative. Crib mobile – Nope. Nightlight – Not yet? Swing or Bouncy Chair – Efffffff. Alright, the nursery list started out promising, but quickly went the way of the layette.  Better just to move on to the next list and go back to the remaining nursery items. Perhaps you can guess how the “Feeding” list went? I need 10-16 bottles???  But I’m nursing!  Not to mention a bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, bottle brush – who knew bottles...

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Crazy Lady (Not Me, For Once)

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Part II of Rue La La Thinks I’m Dead is going to have to wait. I keep reading about this crazy lady who ran a marathon at 39 weeks pregnant and went into labor after completing the race.  She is quoted as saying Sunday was, “the longest day of my life.” Um, ya think? I know her doctor gave her permission to run half, walk half – but why bother?  As a long distance runner, it boggles my mind that someone would want to run a MARATHON – that’s 26.2 miles – while pregnant!  I’ve remained active throughout my pregnancy, but I don’t think I could run more than a few miles if I tried at this point.  I hung up my running shoes at around 28 weeks and hit the pavement… walking.  Sure, I am totally bored with my workouts and am craving a real run, but I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m – wait for it – freaking pregnant! I know all bodies are designed differently, and I’m assuming this lady is probably a fitness superfreak, but running a marathon is hard enough on your body without carrying A BABY inside of you.  When you’re pregnant, you already have achy muscles, leg cramps, are at a higher risk for dehydration, suffer exhaustion, etc. etc. – all things that running a marathon MAKE WORSE.  WHY DO THAT TO YOURSELF?  (Please note the frequent use of all caps.  They are used to emphasize my EXTREME disapproval.)  Not to mention, the thought of having to go through labor – arguably one of the most painful, exhausting thing the human body ever does – after running a marathon, another activity that pushes your body to the limit, makes me want to take a very long nap right now. I mean, people DIE running marathons.  Why put yourself and your baby at risk?  Throttle back, woman!  There will be more marathons in the future.  Preferably when you’re not pregnant. To be fair, I am not a doctor.  I could very well not know what I’m talking about.  So I’m...

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Rue La La Thinks I’m Dead

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You know you’re downsizing when your favorite shopping websites send you emails suggesting you check your spam filters to ensure you are receiving their email updates.  OK, maybe you’re not downsizing.  Maybe you’re just pregnant. Hi, my name is Diana, and I’m a shopper. Every morning I wake up to an inbox filled with an array of various shopping emails.  There are the boutique websites: Shop It To Me, Gilt Group, Rue La La LA, One Kings Lane, Ideeli and Open Sky.  Then there are the stores I frequent (when my belly is not the size of a beach ball): Banana Republic, J. Crew, Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, etc.  And finally, a few higher-end brands, just to mix things up: Kate Spade, Tory Burch…  I should stop. I know, I know.  I have a problem.  In my defense, I usually delete them all without opening.  However it was a pitiable realization that I had formerly spent enough time on one of these sites that my absence warranted an email notification. Pregnancy has actually been good for my wallet – even I’m not deluded enough to buy clothes that I know won’t fit me.  Sure, there are maternity sites, and yes, I’ve visited them.  But again, I possess just enough prudence not to spend large sums of money on clothes that I will wear for a few months, max.  Only moderate sums of money.  And though maternity clothes are loads better than what they used to be (so women of an older generation tell me), they’re still not worth strapping down a lot of cash for. (Want to see something really ridiculous?  These are fabulous maternity clothes, but check out the cost – love the designs, but not the price tag.) Anyhow, back to my shopping habit.  Not only is browsing for clothing I cannot purchase due to my expanding waistline a huge waste of time, it is also very, very depressing.  Especially with the recent arrival of fall fashion.  Fall is my favorite fashion time of year.  Something about transitioning into cozy sweaters, wool dresses, and boots – oh,...

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The Guard: A Movie Review

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This qualifies as a “I am tired and cranky and just want to go to bed but I committed to this stupid post-a-day challenge so now I must write something” post.  You’ve been warned.  I’m beginning to reevaluate the legitimacy of this challenge; since when is quantity better than quality?  But as of now it’s only day 10, so it’s far too early to give up.  Even if I am pregnant, which should serve as a valid excuse to do whatever I want within legal bounds.   Including throwing in the towel on a blogging challenge!  But I won’t.  Not today. -Sigh- Instead I’m going to go tell you to see The Guard.  It’s hilarious.  Even though I’m cranky, thinking about the film makes me smile a bit. First of all, I love Don Cheadle and he happens to be in this movie.  You should love him, too.  He’s very talented.  It’s a fact. Second, it takes place in Ireland, so everyone but Don Cheadle has Irish accents.   (There are a couple of British accents thrown in as well.)  You can’t (or at least I couldn’t) understand half of the dialogue, but the accents somehow make everything more funny. Third, Damon and I both thoroughly enjoyed the movie, which almost guarantees you will enjoy it.  It is a rare, rare occurrence when Damon and I are both entertained by a film. Your movie interests must fall somewhere between ours, so it follows that you will also be entertained. Fourth, if you are like Damon and me and need a distraction from your alma mater’s recent dismal football performance, this movie will provide such a distraction.  Whereas a movie like, say, Contagion will leave you stressing about an inevitable pandemic that will likely kill you, thus only adding to the anxiety you already feel regarding a poor-performing college football team, The Guard will provide a happy escape. OK, have I persuaded you to see it yet?  Even if your college football team is doing well, you could still use a laugh, right?  I promise it is money well spent. And now...

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