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So, uh… are you free tonight?

Posted on Dec 7, 2012 in My Kid Stole My Cool

Remember when you were in the dating scene and someone would call you up and ask if you were available to go out that night and it was totally offensive because, like, do they not think you have anything better to do?  As if!

But actually you didn’t have anything better to do but you weren’t going to admit that so you lied and told this person that you have some amazing plans you just couldn’t break.

I am so glad I’m not single anymore.*

Or perhaps you were the one doing the asking and you wanted to see someone but were afraid to ask because you didn’t want to offend them by implying they had nothing better to do than wait around for you.  (This mainly applies to men – is it so hard to plan ahead, fellows?)

Well today I realized this same game-playing now applies to babysitters.  I think it was more fun when it was prospective boyfriends.

Here’s the deal:  Damon and I had plans to go on this tour to a Japanese village where they are doing a big Christmas tree lighting event tonight.  We were going to drag Elisabeth along, which in retrospect seems like a poor choice, as it is an outdoor event lasting several hours and it is winter.  Mom fail.  Anyway, late last night an impromptu dinner out was planned for a family in our squadron that is leaving on Monday.  Well obviously good-bye dinner trumps Christmas tree lighting.  But then this morning the scramble for the sitter began.

It was 8:30AM.  I needed a sitter for 5:30PM.  This was not good.  Everyone would be booked, I was sure of it.  And plus, I totally didn’t want to ask, because who does that?  That was only 9 hours notice!  Surely my go-to babysitters have better things to do then wait around for jobs to pop up that evening.

Not wanting to offend my adult babysitters with lives and children of their own, I started with the teenagers.  Let’s be honest, a teenager living on a small base in Japan probably doesn’t have the most active social calendar.  (But they are all making bank in babysitting gigs, so it’s okay.)  No luck.  They were all booked already.  I would have to swallow my pride and call the adults.

“So, um, I know this is really last-minute, but uh, is there any chance you are free to babysit tonight?  I know you probably already have plans because it’s so late so I totally understand if you can’t but I had to ask!”  I was right; they did all have plans.

Then I began to get paranoid:  Are they just saying no because I’ve insulted them by waiting till the day of to request their services?  Do they think I don’t value their time?  I completely value their time!  It just turns out that I am as poor a planner as a 22-year-old male.

Thankfully, the ladies on base are pretty generous with their babysitters, so I’m dropping Elisabeth off at a friend’s house to mooch off her sitter.  But the anxiety of it all have been a little much.  And to all those lovely ladies I called desperately this morning: Don’t hate me!  I promise, I do value your time!  You’re incredibly important to me!  I hope we can make our relationship work beyond this.  And also, I’m sorry if I woke you up.  I realize now that 8:30 is a tad early for Desperately Seeking Sitter phone calls.

*The grass is always greener, right?  I obviously love my husband and baby, but sometimes, when I’m at home on a Friday night covered in snot and rinsing out poopy onesies, I think of my single friends out being fabulous and wish I could join them.  At least for a night 🙂

Unrelated: The holidays have forced me to abandon my vow to blog weekly, so to make up for it, here’s a little taste of what you can expect in the next few weeks:

-1st Birthday Party Madness (I’m a little surprised I didn’t lose friends over this party)

-Reflections on my 1st year as a mom (This will be good, because as you know I’m really wise and full of sound, reasonable advice.)

-The only workout song you will ever need (That’s right: song.  Not playlist, song.  Singular.  Prepare to be wowed.)

-That time I got pulled over by a Japanese cop and other driving adventures.  (Actually, I wasn’t pulled over, it was my friend Claudia.  But I was in the car and I’m pretty sure it was my fault, so that counts.)

-My kid is famous, and I’m officially a stage mom.

There.  Now that I’ve put it in writing, I’ll have to get back to blogging.  Until then, hope you are surviving the holidays!

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