You’ve probably heard by now, but the Washington, D.C. area got hit by a blizzard over a week ago. It was kind of a big deal. Schools shut down for over a week. Or for parents, an eternity.

And then, this past Monday, the clouds parted, a chorus of angels sang down from the heavens, and schools reopened! Hallelujah! After a week mostly spent stuck at home with both kids pretending to have fun playing in the snow and baking and watching Frozen 15 times, I dropped Elisabeth off that Monday full of excitement and joy. But when I picked her up a few hours later, she appeared a bit… peaked.  No. Nope. Not happening. She’s not sick.

Yes. Yup. Happening. She was sick. Full on fever, and later that night, puking. And James – who has had The Cough (you know, that nagging cough that kids get in October and doesn’t go away until March) – was particularly mucous-y and gross. So I called it: Tuesday was a sick day. Baton down the hatches, we were staying home.

I get it. Kids get sick. It happens. It’s just that the timing of this sick day was a particular affront.

Really? REALLY? Elisabeth gets a fever and upset stomach THE FIRST DAY BACK TO SCHOOL IN OVER A WEEK. Could they not have gotten sick when we were snowed in?

I love my kids. But being stuck inside with my 20-month-old boy and four-year-old girl ALL DAY because it would be morally wrong to expose their snotty, feverish, germ-y selves to the outside world is… trying. Sort of like being stuck inside all day with the Tasmanian Devil and Regina George.

I started the day off as any good parent would – letting Elisabeth zone out in front of the TV. Unfortunately after that, severe sleep deprivation clouded my judgment and I took out the craft supplies in an effort to “do” something with my children. Bad move. One of the main reasons I send my kids to preschool is so that I do not have to do this kind of stuff with them at home.

Do not attempt this at home.

Do not attempt this at home.

Chaos ensued, and I decided to take to Twitter. It’s the Millennial thing to do.  So in my laziest blog post ever, here’s the Twitter version of the longest ever: #sickday.


Indeed, Elisabeth is quarantined at home again today. When she A) Put herself to bed at 6:00 B) Without Dinner and C) In the middle of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I should’ve known things were serious. But alas, I probably won’t be tweeting about it all day today; I think I developed carpel tunnel from all the typing. How do people do this all the time?

Anyway, figured some of you parents out there could relate. If you’re into this kind of thing, you can follow me on Twitter here, and go ahead and give my Facebook page a Like if you’re interested in keeping up with this blog and/or gratuitous posts of weird things my four-year-old says.

Hope you and yours are staying healthy!

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  1. Your exhaustion and frustration have affected your spelling. I believe it’s batten down the hatches not baton (as in drum major) down. But cute. You know, YOUR mother would have handled this situation easily–WITH 50% MORE CHILDREN!!! As Donald Trump says, This is YUGE!

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