GIVEAWAY: Origami Owl

GIVEAWAY: Origami Owl

Hey Friends.

Guess what? It snowed today. A lot.  Actually, it’s still snowing.  All the good parents of Atsugi took their kids out to play in the winter wonderland, while I was like, “Sorry, Kid.  It’s too damn cold.”  I enjoyed an indoor day, warm and dry, while – miracle of all miracles – Elisabeth napped for THREE HOURS.  I think I win this snow day.

I’m guessing my U.S. readers know something about cold right now. Except the Californians. I hate you guys sometimes. But for everyone else who is stuck in freezing misery, I have something that might lift your spirits.  Free stuff!

That’s right – I’m doing my first giveaway!  My friend Michelle is an independent designer for the jewelry line Origami Owl.  She has graciously offered one of my readers the beautiful silver locket pictured below.


Mini silver living locket with crystals, includes 16-18″ silver ball station chain with 1 scripted “love” charm and 1 silver heart charm with red crystals.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, right?!

Ok, given that it’s already February 8th, you probably won’t receive it by Valentine’s day, but perfect for adding a little cheer into this endless, dreadful winter, right?!

Mommas, this can be a well-deserved gift to yourself.  Fellas, this could be a belated Valentine’s day gift after you either forget/screw up the actual gift you give your lady.  Either way, anyone can and should enter by doing the following.

1) “Like” My Kid Stole My Cool on Facebook

2) Follow @DianaLoveless1 on Twitter  (Yes I tweet.  I can hardly believe it myself.)

3) “Like” Michelle’s Origami Owl page on Facebook

4) Comment directly on this blog post telling me the best Valentine’s Day gift is you’ve ever been given.  Uh, I can’t actually answer that, so feel free to tell me the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever been given. Or gifted to someone else! That’s much more fun…

Each of the above will get you one entry, meaning you have the chance to enter multiple times!  And if you want to check out more of Michelle’s merchandise, check out her website!

The winner will be announced on February 14th.  Good luck!


P.S. Damon eventually took Elisabeth out in the snow so she wouldn’t totally be deprived of her childhood.  Check out her face – I think she feels about winter the same way I do.


Snow Day



  1. Clare made the same face. She told Matt that it was too cold and that he could go outside while she would “stay home.”

  2. I can’t say this was my gift but a old friend got a tooth brush that was given to him by the school… I thought that was the funniest especially because he told her it was a free toothbrush.

  3. This year I got my very first S&W…that’s probably my best gift.

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