The Big Reveal

Hello!  It’s been almost a month, but I’m back!

What a month it’s been.  After wrapping up the holidays, Damon, Elisabeth, and I said Sayonara, Japan! and hopped over to New Zealand for an almost 2-week vacation in what can only be described as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever traveled.  But more on that in an upcoming post.

After pausing real life for those two weeks, Damon and I had major catch up to do when we returned home.  One thing that included – our baby’s anatomy scan!  (Read: Gender Reveal.)

It’s funny – when I was pregnant with Elisabeth, the weeks leading up to the gender reveal crept by.  During that first pregnancy, every decision felt monumental.  I felt like I couldn’t really begin planning for the baby until I knew its sex.  Pink bedding or blue bedding?  Hair bows or bow ties?  Diana Jr. or Damon Jr.?

Second time around, I experienced none of that anxiety.  Perhaps because my circumstances are vastly different this time around.  I’ll be having the baby in California while living with my parents during Damon’s deployment.  (More on that in an upcoming post also.)  Boy or girl, it’s not like I have a nursery to decorate.  And boy or girl, the baby is going to get stuck with Elisabeth’s hand-me-down gear no matter what.  This time around, I don’t have to spend 10,000 hours researching car seats and cribs.  And this time around, finding out the gender just didn’t carry the same weight as it did last pregnancy.

But of course, I couldn’t help but think about it.  The weeks leading up to the reveal brought the inevitable, “What are you hoping for?” question from friends, and my inevitable, “I don’t care, as long as it’s healthy,” answer.  Which was true.  Because really, boys and girls each have their pros and cons.  Let’s review. (Be aware, these are mass generalizations.  Just go with it.)


I am the oldest and only daughter.  I have two younger brothers, Will and Jamie.  So I speak from experience when I say little brothers are the WORST.  Once, Will sprayed Raid in my eyes.  On my birthday!  He was only four years old.  It only got worse from there.  Jamie was young enough that he didn’t completely try to ruin my life/blind me like Will, but he has been brainwashed into thinking I was some tyrannical monster who tried to kill him.  He constantly brings up this time I tripped him and almost broke his neck.  First of all, how do you almost break your neck?  You break it or you don’t break it.  Second of all, I have no recollection of this and am pretty certain he’s making it up.  See?  They are the worst!  Not to mention, they never appreciated all my wise counsel and guidance that only an older sister could offer.  It’s a hard burden to bear, being the older sister to younger brothers.  So part of me liked the idea of another girl so that Elisabeth could experience the sisterhood that I always wished for but never had.

Plus, everything we own is pink.  I recently went through all of Elisabeth’s baby clothes – the only gender neutral items we own are basic onesies.  And a few pairs of socks.  Not to mention all the adorable outfits that were never worn.  It pained me to think they might never be worn (by my children).  What a waste of cute baby clothes…  Wouldn’t it be great to have another girl to pass those all along to? 


Girls be crazy.  Not me, of course.  But all other girls.  And the thought of two girls in the house a mere 2&1/2 years apart is horrifying.  I’m sure whomever invented boarding schools had two teenage daughters at home together.  Can you imagine all those crazy girl hormones raging AT THE SAME TIME?    The high-pitched screaming matches, the teary meltdowns, the angry silent treatments… TIMES TWO?  *Shudder*

Let’s move on, I’m getting gray hairs just thinking about it.


I used to be convinced that little boys were way cuter than little girls.  Then I went and had the cutest baby in the history of the world (a girl), thus disproving my original theory.  But still, baby boys are super cute.  Even my little terrors of brothers were majorly adorbs when they were young.  (Before the Raid and all that.)  And when little boys love their mammas – is there anything sweeter?  Melt my heart.  I know in around 10 years or so Elisabeth is going to turn on me; it would be good to have my own little mama’s boy so at least one child will still love me.

And sure, we do already have a girl so some balance would be nice, though certainly not necessary.


Boys are dirty.  And they are way less fun to shop for.  But most of all, they’re trouble.  I was watching something the other day (unfortunately my pregnancy brain is preventing me from remembering what, but it involved boys being boys) and remember thinking, “Good God, boys are stupid!”  It’s as if they’re trying to get arrested or kill themselves.  My feminine sensibilities do not understand this, and I am not sure how I would cope with a mischievous little deviant running around causing trouble left and right.

That being said, it’s a lot easier to bail a boy out of jail than to undo the years worth of emotional damage girls inflict upon each other, right?


Considering these gross stereotypes I just put forward, I determined it’s a wash.  Walking into the anatomy scan, Damon and I knew that girl or boy, we would be equally thrilled/terrified.

So, what are we having?

A boy!

Elisabeth’s reaction? “No.  Sister.”  Poor little guy has it coming to him.




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  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs! So happy to hear you are having a boy!

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