The Real Lives of Navy Wives – Forgotten Anniversaries

The Real Lives of Navy Wives – Forgotten Anniversaries

Today is my anniversary.  And I forgot.  Whoops!  Isn’t Damon supposed to be the one to forget these things?

I blame the Navy Life.  How am I supposed to remember my anniversary when my husband isn’t even here to celebrate with me?

I’m not complaining – I’ll see my husband soon enough.  And certainly, most military spouses have spent far more than one anniversary (or birthday, or holiday…) separated from their husband or wife.  This just happened to be my first (though I’m sure not my last) anniversary by myself.  And I forgot.

I’ve found that with a deployed spouse, most days feel about the same.  Especially overseas, and especially as a stay at home mom of a young (read: non-school attending) child.  Without something like school to demarcate the week from weekend, days tend to blend into one another, weekends cease to be unique, and special occasions become just another day on the calendar.  When you never know what day it is anyway, how are you supposed to remember something like an anniversary?  When I woke up this morning, did I think, “Oh, August 21st!  I got married three years ago today!”

Heck, no!  I thought, “Why does Elisabeth insist on waking so early?”  Followed by, “Is today Wednesday or Thursday…?”  And then, “It’s still August, right?”

It wasn’t till I saw a missed call from my husband that the date registered.  “Crap!  Now I have to go buy a card!”  Sheesh.  I am the worst wife ever.

Except I’m not.  Because I can also contribute my forgetfulness to Homecoming.  I’ll write more about Homecomings another time, but I’ll mention briefly that Damon is returning home soon, and thus I am in a frenzy trying to make up for the week of housework I’ve neglected since returning from the states.  I want Damon to return from deployment to at least a halfway clean, only moderately cluttered house.  See, I’m a good wifey!  I forgot my anniversary out of thoughtfulness for my husband!  (Just go with it).

The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day

On a semi-unrelated note, being apart from your significant other on a major celebratory occasion is a fantastic excuse to treat yourself.  Once Damon gets home, he’s taking leave and we are headed to Singapore for a brief “vacation“.  I made our travel plans, and sent him an email along the following lines: “I hope you don’t think the resort I booked is too much.  But since you are going to be gone on our anniversary (and my birthday, and…), I thought it could be a present to ourselves.”

Works like a charm.

So, am I the only one out there that has forgotten an anniversary?  And for the military spouses, how do you celebrate when you’re by yourself on a significant day?  (Resort vacations to Singapore?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)


  1. Happy Anniversary you two!
    Aunt Fran & Uncle George

  2. I remembered! Happy anniversary. Four addresses and one adorable toddler–not bad for three years. And how many trans-oceanic flights?

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