(Re)Name My Blog

Hey Folks,

This blog is about to undergo a major redesign.  To go along with the new look, I’m going to need a new name.  But here’s the thing: I’m no good with titles.  That’s why half of you readers probably don’t get Non Om Mom now.  I need your help.

I’ve appealed to you before.  Perhaps you remember when I asked you to Name My Baby and Name the Grandparents.  I sure do!  You guys were awesome, offering up loads of wonderful suggestions.  So I’m appealing to you again.  (Re)Name my blog.

You’re probably all, “Dude.  Diana.  Start naming your own s*** already!”  I get it.  I get your frustration.*  I do.  But really, this is not my thing.  I can’t condense all my brilliance into a witty, memorable, AND succinct title.  It’s too daunting a task.   So I repeat – I. Need. Your. Help.

We’re going to make this fun.  We’re going to make this a contest.  This is how it’s going to go:  All you readers submit your suggestions for a new blog title.  If I choose your title**, you will receive an Amazon gift card.  BAM!  Who doesn’t love Amazon!?  Nobody!

Okay, well, don’t get too excited yet.  It’s only going to be a $20 Amazon gift card.  I’m not made of money, people!  But do you know how much crap amazingly awesome stuff you can get for $2o on Amazon!?  So much amazingly awesome stuff!  Go on, get excited again!   A really easy contest to win $20 on Amazon!  Woohoo!

Now that you’re appropriately psyched, put your thinking caps on.  Just this time, I’m going to request that you don’t leave your submission as a comment.  Please go to my Contact page and email me your suggestion.  Multiple entries are welcome!  And if your friends or family are smarter and funnier than you***, please feel free to pass this contest along so they can enter, too.

I wasn’t going to offer any guidelines for the title – I’m curious to see what title you think reflects this blog without my influence.  However I will say, do not be afraid of offending me or poking fun at me in your titles.  I make fun of me all the time.  I can handle it.

Thanks for your help!


*Whatever, you know you love sharing your opinion.

**There is a slight catch.  I still may come up with my own title.  But if one of your suggestions helps me get there, I’ll give you the gift card anyway.  I’m nice like that.  If not, um, thanks for playing.  I guess I’ll have to spend the $20 on myself.

***Don’t feel bad.  You’re obviously all smarter and funnier than me, otherwise I wouldn’t be giving away my money to you.


  1. I figure NonOm Mom has to do with you don’t do transcendental meditation. Or yoga, for that matter. Maybe you do. I think it should be something like “Military Wife and Tot”. You can jazz it up! Love, Elena

  2. I’m sticking with Things My Mother Didn’t Tell Me.

    Auntie Snow

  3. Another witty post Hun. I still like DianaMom.

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. I like DaughterofBoss

  5. You know what? I like Non Om Mom. It reminds me of om nom nom, which makes sense to me because, while I wouldn’t say your blog is exactly *yummy*, I do like to consume your words, as it were, since they sure are entertaining.

    • Oh, and never mind the gift card 😉 Definitely past your deadline and I’m not in this for the money anyway.

      • What the heck? WordPress just reverted me to an old account automatically. Sorry about that.

        • Who knows why anything ever happens with this newfangled technology 😉

  6. Is there a transient term for navy folk? How about
    Savvy Sailer, or Mom Abroad, or Movin’ mama, Pilots Peeps, Stationary Family, ah that’s all I got. FYI, Hugh Hewitt posts a link on his twitter page to your blog: that’s how I found you.

    • Hmmm, I’m not sure if there is a general term or not. But great suggestions! Thanks!

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