My Halloween Horror Story

As a new mom, many things cause me anxiety.  Germs.  Illness.  Choking hazards.  Falls.  The list goes on.  But here’s the big one, the one that has instigated endless angst: Halloween.

Is it the weirdos out trolling the streets?  The potential for poison-tainted candy?  The impending sugar high of a child who has gorged herself on Kit-Kats?

No, of course not.  Elisabeth can’t walk, let alone Trick-or-Treat.  I’ll deal with those issues next year.  For now, my Halloween horror is this: that my daughter will be doomed to don a cliché costume.

News flash: I can’t sew.  I don’t do crafty.  I’m creatively challenged.  So last Halloween when – at nine months pregnant – I started seeing all these imaginative, original costumes popping up on my Facebook and Pinterest feeds, I began to stress.  Yes, I began stressing about my daughter’s Halloween costume a year ago.  Before she was born.  (I recognize that this probably qualifies me as insane, but aren’t all moms a little insane about something or other?)

Now before I came out to California, I specifically told my mother that she was not to buy Elisabeth a Halloween costume.  She had three kids to dress up for years; this was my turn.  I only have so many years before Elisabeth starts voicing an opinion on these things, so I need to take advantage of her silence now.  But guess what I found hanging in the closet when I arrived?  A Carter’s elephant costume my mom had bought at Costco.  An elephant.  How uninspired!  Any old baby can be an elephant.  This would not do for my Elisabeth.

I strengthened my resolve to find Elisabeth a costume that would wow.  I obviously wasn’t go to make something myself, so where did I turn?  Etsy, of course.

Bad idea.  Since when did creativity come at such a high cost?  And since when did every little girl’s item involve a tutu?  Can’t somebody somewhere think of something unique, inexpensive and tutu-less?  Is that so much to ask?!  (Just don’t look at me.  I’ve got nothing.)

This brings me to now.  For a year I’ve been agonizing over Elisabeth’s costume and all I’ve got to show for it is the Costco elephant.  Being that Halloween is tomorrow, I guess she’s stuck with the elephant.  Sure, she’ll be a darn cute elephant.  The cutest elephant ever, probably.  And really, what do you do with an 11-month old on Halloween anyway?  Why is there so much pressure surrounding Baby’s first Halloween costume?  Oh, yeah.  Pinterest.  Damn you, Pinterest!

Oh well, there’s always the next kid…  I’ll get creative then.

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  1. Is her costume a political statement? Timing seems very significant….

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