The Guard: A Movie Review

This qualifies as a “I am tired and cranky and just want to go to bed but I committed to this stupid post-a-day challenge so now I must write something” post.  You’ve been warned.  I’m beginning to reevaluate the legitimacy of this challenge; since when is quantity better than quality?  But as of now it’s only day 10, so it’s far too early to give up.  Even if I am pregnant, which should serve as a valid excuse to do whatever I want within legal bounds.   Including throwing in the towel on a blogging challenge!  But I won’t.  Not today.


Instead I’m going to go tell you to see The Guard.  It’s hilarious.  Even though I’m cranky, thinking about the film makes me smile a bit.

The Guard

First of all, I love Don Cheadle and he happens to be in this movie.  You should love him, too.  He’s very talented.  It’s a fact.

Second, it takes place in Ireland, so everyone but Don Cheadle has Irish accents.   (There are a couple of British accents thrown in as well.)  You can’t (or at least I couldn’t) understand half of the dialogue, but the accents somehow make everything more funny.

Third, Damon and I both thoroughly enjoyed the movie, which almost guarantees you will enjoy it.  It is a rare, rare occurrence when Damon and I are both entertained by a film. Your movie interests must fall somewhere between ours, so it follows that you will also be entertained.

Fourth, if you are like Damon and me and need a distraction from your alma mater’s recent dismal football performance, this movie will provide such a distraction.  Whereas a movie like, say, Contagion will leave you stressing about an inevitable pandemic that will likely kill you, thus only adding to the anxiety you already feel regarding a poor-performing college football team, The Guard will provide a happy escape.

OK, have I persuaded you to see it yet?  Even if your college football team is doing well, you could still use a laugh, right?  I promise it is money well spent.

And now i am going to bed, finally!

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