Rue La La Thinks I’m Dead

You know you’re downsizing when your favorite shopping websites send you emails suggesting you check your spam filters to ensure you are receiving their email updates.  OK, maybe you’re not downsizing.  Maybe you’re just pregnant.

Hi, my name is Diana, and I’m a shopper.

Every morning I wake up to an inbox filled with an array of various shopping emails.  There are the boutique websites: Shop It To Me, Gilt Group, Rue La La LA, One Kings Lane, Ideeli and Open Sky.  Then there are the stores I frequent (when my belly is not the size of a beach ball): Banana Republic, J. Crew, Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, etc.  And finally, a few higher-end brands, just to mix things up: Kate Spade, Tory Burch…  I should stop.

I know, I know.  I have a problem.  In my defense, I usually delete them all without opening.  However it was a pitiable realization that I had formerly spent enough time on one of these sites that my absence warranted an email notification.

Pregnancy has actually been good for my wallet – even I’m not deluded enough to buy clothes that I know won’t fit me.  Sure, there are maternity sites, and yes, I’ve visited them.  But again, I possess just enough prudence not to spend large sums of money on clothes that I will wear for a few months, max.  Only moderate sums of money.  And though maternity clothes are loads better than what they used to be (so women of an older generation tell me), they’re still not worth strapping down a lot of cash for.

(Want to see something really ridiculous?  These are fabulous maternity clothes, but check out the cost – love the designs, but not the price tag.)

Anyhow, back to my shopping habit.  Not only is browsing for clothing I cannot purchase due to my expanding waistline a huge waste of time, it is also very, very depressing.  Especially with the recent arrival of fall fashion.  Fall is my favorite fashion time of year.  Something about transitioning into cozy sweaters, wool dresses, and boots – oh, the boots!  Tall, short, suede, leather, flat, heeled, round-toed or pointed, slouchy or structured, with buckles, buttons, zippers and laces – so many options for any mood or outfit that may strike!

In order to stave off the waves of sadness that inevitably accompany the perusal of such unattainable fashion finds, I have with stoic resolve avoided visiting such shopping websites.  But then these happened:

Botkier Leather Peep-Toe Ankle Boot

To quote Rachel Zoe, I die.

A few days ago my willpower cracked.  I signed into Rue La La for a special sales event.  And found these beautiful booties.  Originally almost $500, these were a cool $99.  Rue La La was practically giving them away!  Before I knew what I was doing, I clicked “buy”.  Admittedly, these are not the most practical shoes for a woman whose social calendar – and thus wardrobe – is about to revolve around an infant.  But like I said, I didn’t know what I was doing – it was an out-of-body experience.  It wasn’t me controlling the mouse, I swear!

Thus began a dangerous, downward shopping spiral.  To be continued.

*If you want access to such fabulous deals as the one above, click here.  It will change your life.  If not make your wallet thinner.


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  1. I. DIE. Nice score. My friend’s highschool boyfriend is the new guy on rachel zoe project (Jeremiah. In highschool he was Jeremy and not gay)

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