Crazy Lady (Not Me, For Once)

Part II of Rue La La Thinks I’m Dead is going to have to wait.

I keep reading about this crazy lady who ran a marathon at 39 weeks pregnant and went into labor after completing the race.  She is quoted as saying Sunday was, “the longest day of my life.”

Um, ya think?

I know her doctor gave her permission to run half, walk half – but why bother?  As a long distance runner, it boggles my mind that someone would want to run a MARATHON – that’s 26.2 miles – while pregnant!  I’ve remained active throughout my pregnancy, but I don’t think I could run more than a few miles if I tried at this point.  I hung up my running shoes at around 28 weeks and hit the pavement… walking.  Sure, I am totally bored with my workouts and am craving a real run, but I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m – wait for it – freaking pregnant!

I know all bodies are designed differently, and I’m assuming this lady is probably a fitness superfreak, but running a marathon is hard enough on your body without carrying A BABY inside of you.  When you’re pregnant, you already have achy muscles, leg cramps, are at a higher risk for dehydration, suffer exhaustion, etc. etc. – all things that running a marathon MAKE WORSE.  WHY DO THAT TO YOURSELF?  (Please note the frequent use of all caps.  They are used to emphasize my EXTREME disapproval.)  Not to mention, the thought of having to go through labor – arguably one of the most painful, exhausting thing the human body ever does – after running a marathon, another activity that pushes your body to the limit, makes me want to take a very long nap right now.

I mean, people DIE running marathons.  Why put yourself and your baby at risk?  Throttle back, woman!  There will be more marathons in the future.  Preferably when you’re not pregnant.

To be fair, I am not a doctor.  I could very well not know what I’m talking about.  So I’m curious, any medical professionals want to weigh in?  Or runners?  Or anyone else?  Why discriminate…

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  1. Diana, I agree that running a marathon while pregnant is probably not a brilliant thing to do. But then I’m not sure that running a marathon at any time is a brilliant thing to do. …. I read years ago when I was first pregnant and there was something of a feminist frenzy gripping the world that women can do anything men can do (drive tractors, run races, watch football endlessly on tv, etc.) and grow little people inside themselves at the same time.

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