Cole Haan for Kids

Friday at 5:00.  Husband at sea for 3 weeks.  Chronically sleep deprived and in a perpetual state of panic.

What makes me feel better?

Shoes, naturally.

No, I didn’t go buy a new pair of shoes, although that doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now.  But while organizing the nursery, I rediscovered this adorable pair of pink Cole Haan baby loafers.

How stinkin cute are these?

These were a gift from my Aunt Jody and cousin Anne, who found them outlet shopping.  And they are honestly one of the favorite things I’ve received for Baby Loveless.  Because I’m impractical like that, and great shoes take precedence over almost anything.

Happy Weekend to you all.


  1. So glad stinkin’ cute loafers were such a big hit!

  2. Hah – Aunt Jody and Cousin Anne bought those in Freeport last summer when they were visiting me. Glad they were a hit! Fran

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