Bad Mommy

Today I am 35 weeks along – eek!  I decided to inventory the nursery to figure out what I still need to purchase in order to be prepared should Baby arrive early.

Armed with a checklist of “Baby Essentials”, I spread out all the newborn clothes, blankets and other assorted baby goods and began checking things off.  And then quickly stopped.

Apparently, my daughter is going to be very well dressed, but as for bathed, diapered, fed… not so much.

Onesies galore!


4-8 Bodysuits or onesies – Check!  4-8?  Ha!  I have a dozen, at least.  I am so on top of things.

4-8 Undershirts – Check!  Oh wait, take that back.  The undershirts are for 6-9 months.  No 0-3 months undershirts.  Put that on the “To Buy” list.

4-8 One-piece pajamas – Um, how do I tell the difference between the regular onesies and the onesie pajamas?

2 Blanket Sleepers – What’s a blanket sleeper?

Bunting Bag – What’s a bunting bag???

OK, the layette list wasn’t going so well.  Let’s move on to the Nursery list and revisit the layette later.



Crib – Yes!  Hooray!  We have a crib!

1-3 washable crib mattress pads – Really?  I need 3 mattress pads? I have one, so that’s a start.

2-4 Crib sheets – OK, I have crib sheets.  So far not failing in nursery preparedness.  This is going better than the layette.

4-6 Soft, light receiving blankets – Uh, I have a lot of blankets.  What qualifies it as a “receiving” blanket?

1-2 Heavier blankets – See “receiving blankets”

Rocking or Arm Chair – on back order.

Music Box – Negative.

Crib mobile – Nope.

Nightlight – Not yet?

Swing or Bouncy Chair – Efffffff.

Alright, the nursery list started out promising, but quickly went the way of the layette.  Better just to move on to the next list and go back to the remaining nursery items.

Pink Disaster

Perhaps you can guess how the “Feeding” list went?

I need 10-16 bottles???  But I’m nursing!  Not to mention a bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, bottle brush – who knew bottles were so high maintenance?

I won’t even go into the “Medicine Cabinet” or “Bath” lists.  Let’s just say I am the worst, most ill-equipped, and now completely panicked mom-to-be.

And I thought I was prepared because Damon and I (I mean Damon, obviously) already installed the car seat.  How misguided.

I also have a feeling some of these items are not “essentials” for a newborn.  For example, a high chair?  For an infant that is going to be breastfed?  I’m pretty sure that a high chair can wait.  So moms, dads and general baby-experts, what are the real essentials?  For an INFANT.  Let me take that further – an infant that pops out early before her first-time mom (who I swear is not completely irresponsible, just clueless) buys out Babies R Us.  Which is now going to happen this weekend.


  1. I loved your post. I followed a link here from the postaday page and thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I have two kids, ages 16 and 11, and remember very well where you are now!

    Receiving blankets are utterly useless. They are small, thin, and I believe the original intention was to wrap baby in to come home from the hospital. With the advent of car seats, this doesn’t happen, and they are too freaking small to be used for much other than burp pads – which I notice you don’t mention. You’ll get tons of receiving blankets at showers, so just toss one over your shoulder when you burp baby after feeding. That’s how I used mine….

    Absolute essentials? Diapers. Wipes, Zinc cream. A safe place to change baby. Nursing pads, especially once your milk comes in. Clothes. A safe place for baby to sleep, and appropriate bedding, according to whatever the current safety guidelines are. Car seat, but you have that covered. And I guarantee you will want a swing at some point. They are wonderful for soothing fussy babies. Get a battery operated one, not one that you have to crank up – if baby falls asleep in it, you don’t want to be disturbing her to re-crank it. Oh, and a good diaper bag of some sort to lug around all the changes of diapers and clothes she will need anytime you venture out of the house. I suggest a backpack style, much easier to carry than an over-the-shoulder one when you’re trying to juggle baby, groceries, car keys etc…

    And you know what…that’s about it. Music box? A nice extra. Crib mobile? A bit later, not right away. Nightlight? Go to the dollar store, you don’t want anything too bright. Medicine Cabinet? Seriously? Other than zinc cream, – oh, wait, you’ll need cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to keep the belly button clean. Maybe I’m a bad mom, but I never used talcum powder, and very rarely used baby oil or lotions. I also wasn’t a big one on medicating them. I gave them infant tylenol after needles, and a couple times when they had a fever – oh, yes, get a thermometer – but it wasn’t a big thing for me.

    Ok, I’ll stop now….I’ve gone on long enough. Feel free to stop by my little space, and if you have any questions, I’d be glad to try to answer. There’s no such thing as too much support for a new mom! Good luck!

  2. Pajamas have legs and feet. Onesies don’t.
    Sleeping blankets are generally quilted and Velcro together like an open, unsealed envelope.
    Receiving blankets are very light.
    Bunting? Like red, white and blue?
    For the love of God, get yourself a rocking chair!
    Most critical item: Lovely pink onesie that says Obama girl on it.

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